OsteoRemin Forte®

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Contains unique form of organically bound calcium, extracted from Algas Calcarea – AlgaeCal®.

OsteoRemin Forte® helps to maintain healthy bones. It is a combination of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

The source of calcium used is plant-based, and it comes from the algae called Algas Calcareas. This algae is rich in organic bound calcium and also contains organically bound magnesium.

OsteoRemin Forte® is registered at The Vegetarian Society, England, which is your guarantee of a product that can safely be consumed by vegetarians.

Recommended daily dose: 3 capsules.

1 month supply

Size:Available in pots of 90 capsules.


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OsteoRemin Forte® contains a unique and easily absorbed plant-based Calcium from seaweed, Algas Calcareas (AlgaeCal®). The algae  is collected on beaches in South America and then gently further processed. The algae used are certified organic in the United States.

Synergy with vitamin K2 and vitamin D3

As well as Calcium and Magnesium,OsteoRemin Forte® contains also vitamin K2 and a high dose of vitamin D3. Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption / utilisation of calcium, and contributes along with Magnesium and Vitamin K to maintain normal bones. Magnesium and vitamin D also contribute to the maintenance of normal teeth and muscle function. Vitamin D also contributes to normal operation of the immune system.


Also for vegetarians

OsteoRemin Forte® is registered with The The Vegetarian Society and can be safely taken by vegetarians.


The Vegetarian Society is located in England, and the organisation is the oldest vegetarian society in the world, founded in 1847.

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