Nordic Nutraceuticals collaborates with a number of elite athletes which we sponsor with vitamins, minerals, fish oil, etc. Nordic Nutraceuticals also support projects of a more social nature.


Nicki Pedersen

At Nordic Nutraceuticals we collaborate with one of the world’s best speedway riders: Nicki Pedersen.

NickiPedersenHe tells why he uses Nordic Nutraceuticals products every day:


As an elite athlete, I need a body that can provide maximum when needed. I also need for a body that is able to recover rapidly after hard physical exercise or after injuries. It can only be done if the body is already in good physical shape and in good balance.

I have used Nordic Nutraceuticals products for several years and can clearly observe a difference compared to before I started using Nordic Nutraceuticals. I have never felt in better physical balance. For me Nordic Nutraceuticals products today is an everyday tool in relation to my efforts to be the best in my line of sport


Nicki Pedersen is triple world champion in speedway. Nicki’s favorite product at Nordic Nutraceuticals is EPA-GLA + ®

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FC Midtjylland Football

Biosym Guld til FCM FodboldWe supply products to major league players in FC Midtjylland, who won the Danish Premier League in 2016.

Christian Clarup, coach of FC Midtjylland Football, explains:

It is important for us to optimize where we can. This applies both to training as off the field, for example. in the players’ diet. Players live healthy and consume well with vitamins and minerals etc. from both diet and supplements. we put price of dietary supplements from Nordic Nutraceuticals – they ensure that players are well covered in with vitamins, minerals, fish oil, etc.

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Biosym Susan Thorsgaard

FC Midtjylland Handball

Handball Women in FC Midtjylland is in the top of Danish and European Handball leagues.

The past 10 years Nordic Nutraceuticals has supplied the products to the handball players, they each want to use individually.


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Randers FC

Biosym RandersWe work with the major league team in Randers FC.

The team’s physical trainer, Peter Sand, says:

We use Nordic Nutraceuticals products in Randers FC as part of the series of supplements, we give the players, to ensure that players feel as comfortable as possible, including to avoid damage. We try to help players to nurture their bodies as well as possible, and here’s Nordic Nutraceuticals products a good supplement to a healthy diet.


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Hobro IK

We provide products for football players in Hobro, and from said physical trainer

Biosym HobroAshley Tootle:

We are very pleased Nordic Nutraceuticals products are an important addition to a balanced daily diet, which is important for professional football players and ordinary people. We try to optimize the conditions for our players, so that they have the energy in everyday life, as required to complete training and matches and here’s supplement of the right vitamins and minerals essential.

Photo: Dannie Rosenkrantz.


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The Talent Scouts – you can do more than you think!

Biosym TalentspejderneThe National Association The Talent Scouts is a voluntary, humanitarian organization, which supports young school children to acknowledge and develop their skills and talents. Young people in focus by the organization are between 12-15 years.

The Talent Scouts are mentors who possesses the want and resources to give something to others.

The mentors are self-employed, managers or highly skilled staff in various companies. They perform this voluntary work, and provided they are employed, the company pays for half of the time they spend together with the young people that they mentor.

The Talent Scouts is dependend on the financial support by donors and foundations.

Tom Thinggaard Pedersen, Executive Secretary of the National Association scouts, says:

Upon the recommendations from the Association Advisory Board Member, diet consultant Frede Braüner all the young people we mentor, are freely provided with Omnimin Pure® and EPA-GLA + ® from Nordic Nutraceuticals. It contributes to the development of young people – both physically and mentally.


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