NEW OmniVital – adaptogens in an optimised version

Nordic Nutraceuticals launches OmniVital from the herbal extracts line in an optimised version. OmniVital contains a powerful combination of 4 effective adaptogens.

The new formulation contains a new herbal extract. Some doses of the extracts have also increased.

OmniVital contains an impressive 1000 mg of Siberian ginseng per daily dose. The previous formulation contained 500 mg.

The Eleutherococcus extract used in OmniVital has a high, standardized content of active ingredients – eleutherosides. This ensures a good effect. The adaptogen contributes to a normal functioning of the immune system. It also ensures a normal mental and physical performance.

OmniVital contains 2000 mg of Astragalus per daily dose.

Astragalus replaces the previous adaptogen Panax ginseng, which was found in a dose of 500 mg.
In many respects it have the same indications and effects as its better known cousin, Panax ginseng. The advantage is that Astragalus is often better tolerated by people who are sensitive to the effects of adaptogens. Within western herbal medicine Astragalus is most often used as an energizing tonic, and is today well recognized and widely used as an immune-enhancing tonic. As a result, Astragalus has a normalising effect on the blood pressure as well as normal heartbeat and it helps maintain a normal functioning immune system.

OmniVital contains 500 mg Schisandra chinensis per daily dose.

Schisandra is highly valued in herbal medicine as a stimulating and liver healing tonic. Therefore Schisandra is known to support the function of the upper respiratory tract, particularly important during winter. Even more the adaptogen provides protection against oxidative stress and helps achieve an increased general well-being.

OmniVital contains 300 mg. Arctic root per daily dose.

The Rhodiola extract used in OmniVital, has a high, standardised content of active ingredients – rosavins and salidrosides – ensuring a good effect. Arctic root is very well described and well-regarded in particular within Nordic scientific works for its diverse mechanisms of action. Therefore, Arctic root is known to contribute to normal cognitive function and mental performance, helps improve the cardiovascular system and supports a normal functioning nervous and digestive system.