New label design

Nordic Nutraceuticals has undergone some major design changes. We redesigned the labels to a much cleaner, user-friendly look. As a result, you will find Nordic Nutraceuticals’ products divided into three different ranges. Therefore each range will represent the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it contains.

The three different color divided ranges are:

  • A blue toned label for the classic range ?
    The range consists of food supplements containing vitamins and minerals, as well as Omega fatty oils.
  •  A green toned label for the VEGAN range ?
    The range consists of products such as multivitamins and other essential vitamins which are specially formulated for vegans and vegetarians.
    NOTE: Some of the other products from the classic range bear the VEGAN Approved mark and are suitable for vegans.
  • An orange toned label for the herbal range  ?
    The range consists of products containing beneficial herbal extracts.