Multivitamin Omnimin in a bigger size & NEW optimized formula

At Nordic Nutraceuticals, we are constantly trying to improve our products to better suit our customers. Besides the label redesign, our products receive constant improvement and new optimizations when possible. Most importantly, we try to fill the customers needs as best as we can.

Nordic Nutraceuticals has recently optimized the multivitamin Omnimin!

Omnimin has upgraded to a bigger pot: from 60 tablets to 90 tablets. We optimized Omnimin with more sustainable ingredients, as they became available. Therefore Nordic Nutraceuticals is now one of the first companies in Europe to offer a new natural tablet coating. As a result, technical aids like titanium dioxide are no longer necessary. The color of the tablets is therefore a less intense shade of yellow, compared to the previous ones. This is due to the fact that the coating is based on natural dyes from safflower and lemon.

Some of the other changes include:

  • Increase: Omnimin now contains increased doses of chromium and selenium, respectively 150 μg (before 125 μg) and 160 μg (before 125 μg) per two tablets.
    The content of Vitamin B6 has increased to 14 mg (before 12 mg) and molybdenum to 100 μg (before 25 μg) per two tablets.
  • Decrease: The quantities of copper and manganese, on the other hand, are reduced a little.
  • It should also be emphasized that the source of calcium has switched. It now comes only from a plant-based source (algae).