Who is Nordic Nutraceuticals?

Nordic Nutraceuticals is a subsidiary of Biosym Denmark – a 100% Danish company specialising in the development and manufacture of vitamins, minerals, 3-6-7-9 Omega fatty acids, lactic acid bacteria, herbal preparations and other nutrients.

We develop, manufacture and market Europe’s strongest range of effective supplements. These are premium-quality, balanced products due to the purity of the active substances and the strength of the ingredients, and we keep up-to-date with the most comprehensive worldwide research. In addition to Denmark, Nordic Nutraceutical’s products are available in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Spain.

Most of Nordic Nutraceutical’s products are registered with  The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society; i.e. the preparations can also safely be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.

Nordic Nutraceutical’s history


Nordic Nutraceuticals was founded in 1986 by Kurt Winberg Nielsen and his son, Kim Nielsen.

Kurt Winberg Nielsen was the founder of Biopathy in Denmark. He was a Danish Naturopath practitioner, educator and impressive author with a true Scandinavian outlook.

Prior to the establishment of Nordic Nutraceuticals, the founders collaborated with several other companies in the field, where they managed the development and composition of a variety of preparations for various Scandinavian companies. Innovation within the industry was on a slow decline and, as a consequence, they founded their own range of pharmaceutical products. There were many ideas for new effective supplements, and this still characterises Nordic Nutraceuticals today.

Nordic Nutraceuticals is now owned by Kim Nielsen, and the head office is located in Ikast, Denmark.



Nordic Nutraceutical’s primary goal has always been to improve public health in the countries where the company is represented. To achieve this aim, they have consistently developed effective preparations of the highest quality, based on the latest research in health and nutrition, as well as implementing the most effective practices from complementary therapy.  We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we never compromise when it comes to quality, strength and balance.

In addition to developing new products, and introducing new formulas and ingredients, Nordic Nutraceuticals continually strives to develop and improve its existing products. In this way we ensure that our products are always in line with the latest knowledge and research.  We always aim to produce the cleanest possible supplements with the fewest possible excipients – many of which are completely excluded from our products.


Focus on the body’s needs

When consuming supplements, the bioavailability in the body of the active vitamins and minerals is essential to gain maximum benefit. To maximise absorption in the body,  activated vitamins, organic minerals and phospholipids are utilised in our supplements. 


From idea to product

Extensive research in nutrients, antioxidants, supplements, etc. is constantly being carried out across the globe, so it is essential to be able to distinguish the most reliable, trustworthy research and focus on this, disregarding less reliable sources. At Nordic Nutraceuticals we have highly qualified, trained experts who are able to assess the quality of each study that is published. Moreover, Nordic Nutraceuticals has built its own research database that contains an extensive amount of scientific articles that we use in our daily development and documentation work.

Guided by our company’s principles, we set out to find the best active ingredients available to use in our new products.

We choose our suppliers with the utmost care, ensuring that the raw materials used in our supplements are of the highest quality. We know it is extremely important to be thorough and  critical in this process.

Biosym pakkeri

Biosym pakkeri

When Nordic Nutraceuticals have found a suitable raw material supplier, having inspected their manufacturing facilities to ensure that production takes place in satisfactory conditions, we will consider allowing the use of the ingredient in question in our preparations. We are continually evaluating our suppliers.


Nutraceutical Industry

Nordic Nutraceuticals is an active member of Nutraceutical Industry, a trade organization under the Confederation of Danish Industries. Nordic Nutraceuticals maintain a constructive dialogue with authorities, experts and consumer organizations on issues relating to dietary supplements, industry development and image in Scandinavia and throughout the European Union.